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Archive for April 2014

Regular checkups with your dentist can do more than keep your teeth healthy – it can keep your body healthy too. There’s a strong correlation between one’s oral health and overall health.  The hygiene of your mouth can greatly affect the rest of your body.
Bacteria that accumulates on teeth may make the gums susceptible to infection.  In response to this bacterial accumulation, your immune system attacks the infection leading to inflammation of the gum tissue.  This inflammation continues until the infection is stabilized.  If left untreated, it can erode gums resulting in gum disease (known as periodontitis) and possible problems with other areas of the body. 

Gum Disease and Systemic Health Issues
Research from the Academy of General Dentistry shows a link between gum disease and other health problems, such as diabetes, digestive problems and heart disease. Women with gum disease are also more likely to give birth to pre-mature or low weight babies.
Other studies reveals that most systemic diseases – diseases affecting the whole body – involve oral complications, such as mouth ulcers, swollen gums, and dry mouth.  Systemic diseases include diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, leukemia and oral cancer.

7 foods and drinks surprisingly high in sugar

Here at Dr. Karen J Lee dentistry, even though we can easily fix any cavities, stains, or teeth issues you may have, it's better (and cheaper!) to prevent these problems in the first place with proper brushing techniques, flossing, and most importantly, eating healthy. Believe it or not, the food we consume has a big impact on the health and general well being of our teeth. This guide helps explain a list of foods to watch out for, as well as some helpful alternatives.

Yogurt:  Did you know that flavored yogurts can sometimes contain as much as 20 grams or more of sugar! This of course, in combination with poor dental health maintenance, can lead to cavities and decay of otherwise healthy teeth. You are better off eating unflavored yogurt that has at most 7 grams of sugar and adding your own fruit, such as bananas and blueberries.