Crack the Case on a Cracked tooth

February 02, 2015 | Posted in Dental Health Tips | Be the first one to comment

Are You Cracking Up?

You know that the occasional sharp, intense pain in your mouth when you bite down is real, as is the pain that radiates through your tooth upon eating or drinking something hot or cold, so why is it that your dentist can't seem to find the cause? Chances are that if you feel these symptoms but they're not visible during your dental visit or even on an X-ray, you are dealing with a cracked tooth.

A crack in your tooth is often invisible to the eye during a dental checkup. To compound the problem, identifying where the pain is originating isn't easy either, as the crack may actually be more of a hairline fracture, running vertically along the tooth. It's common to feel pain in a tooth at the top of your mouth when the problem is actually on the bottom, or vice versa.

Unlike a broken bone, a cracked tooth never heals naturally. We have instruments to help identify the location of a cracked tooth, and treatments - usually a filling, a crown, or a root canal will allow you to eat in comfort without the fear of the sharp jolt of pain that characterizes a cracked tooth.  Call us if you think you may have a cracked tooth!  We are conveniently located in Waterloo off the expressway.

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