Tooth Healthy Foods for Thought

March 27, 2015 | Posted in Dental Health Tips | Be the first one to comment

Snack Attacks can Cause Tooth Decay!!

The next time you or your child are craving a snack, take your teeth into consideration.  The more often you eat foods with natural or added sugars, the more likely you are to develop tooth decay. Here are some tooth friendly options to take care of after school or any time snack attacks:

  • raw vegetable sticks
  • unbuttered popcorn
  • plain yogurt with fruit
  • fresh fruit cut into bite sized pieces
  • nuts
  • cubes of cheese
  • pretzels

Also, there are a number of foods that you may think are healthy but they are surprisingly high in sugar and are not good for your teeth.  Try and avoid these foods when you can:
  • sweetened yogurt
  • pudding
  • fruit roll ups or other chewy fruit snacks
  • juice
  • chewy granola bars
  • energy drinks
  • ice cream
So try to keep sugar to a minimum to prevent pesky tooth decay!!  Visit us in Kitchener Waterloo where we are conveniently located to help you with your dental needs.

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