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Everyone knows how important exercise is for your overall health. However, what many people fail to realize is how important it is to protect your mouth while you’re out on the field. Oral injuries are quite common in sports and happen when there is a blow or hit to the mouth area. These blows can damage your teeth, gums, and jaw, which may require surgery to fix. A mouthguard, or a sports guard, helps to protect your teeth and mouth from injury by reducing the overall damage they may sustain. They are vital in a whole range of sports, whether they are athletic, off terrain, individual or contact sports.

Riverwalk Dentistry, our family practice in Waterloo, offers custom-made athletic mouth wear to protect your teeth and improve your overall performance and breathing. Taking advantage of patented bite tech technology, our athletic mouth wear prevents teeth clenching and alleviates stress placed on your TMJ joint. As a result, your body stays more relaxed, comfortable, and "in the zone" during competition. Your protective gear will not distract you, but help you ensure your teeth are safe from impact and grinding.

Compared to store-bought mouthguards, ours are created in the dental laboratory using the highest quality materials. The dentist takes impressions of your teeth and uses this information to create your unique custom-made mouthguard. Because of this detailed process, our mouthguards offer superior comfort, fit, and protection. We can also customize the thickness of the mouthguard to suit your active lifestyle.

Our mouthguards can be used for just about any sport, such as hockey, lacrosse, football, gymnastics, mixed martial arts, and mountain biking. So if you’re looking to boost your oral protection and overall performance, check out our athletic mouth wear today.

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Last Updated On 2021-09-22