Invisalign in Waterloo & Kitchener

At Dr. Karen J. Lee Dentistry, we offer comprehensive orthodontic solutions for you and your family. When it comes to orthodontic treatment, though, most people think of metal braces and wires, which can put them off from receiving treatment.


Fortunately, we have another option for you: Invisalign! This revolutionary orthodontic system uses a series of clear plastic aligners to move your teeth into an optimal position to create the perfect smile.


Invisalign invisible braces offer a host of benefits:

  • Fully removable, so can be taken out prior to eating, drinking, brushing or flossing
  • Enhanced comfort compared to conventional metal braces
  • No metal wires or frames
  • Customized to your mouth’s unique shape to ensure maximum comfort
  • Virtually undetectable due to the aligner’s special clear plastic material

Each set of aligners has to be worn for a period of two weeks as your teeth gradually shift into optimal alignment. Because the aligners are customized to your teeth’s specific measurements, they provide high comfort and aesthetically pleasing results.


To give your smile a boost, contact us at Dr. Karen J. Lee Dentistry, your dentist of Invisalign in Kitchener & Waterloo, to set up an appointment today!


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