Root Canal Therapy in Waterloo & Kitchener

Does your tooth hurt?

Do you experience pain while chewing?

Are your gums swollen?


If so, you may need to have a root canal therapy on one of your teeth. A root canal treatment is needed when the dental pulp inside the tooth become infected, decayed or damaged. This can be caused by a variety of issues, such as tooth decay, injury, a cracked tooth, or repeated dental procedures.


The dental pulp provides important functions, such as supplying the tooth with vital nerves, blood, and nutrients. But in the event the dental pulp becomes infected or injured, it can harm the wellbeing of your tooth and start to cause pain.


For this reason, a root canal therapy may need to be performed to remove the infected dental pulp. The inner pulp chamber is thoroughly cleaned to eliminate all bacteria and germs. A specialized dental material is used to fill the chamber before the tooth is sealed. A dental restoration, such as a dental crown, is placed on top to strengthen and protect the tooth. All of our root canals are performed using anesthesia to ensure your complete comfort.


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Root Canal Therapy in Waterloo & KitchenerRoot Canal Therapy in Kitchener

Root Canal Therapy in WaterlooRoot Canal Therapy Kitchener

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